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At A&J’s, We Love Our Pups and hope you will too! Also, we thank all of our previous customers for their comments.

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We wanted to submit a few comments about our wonderful experience with Jamie and her family. We recently brought home our new family member we named Frank. He is a great addition to our family. Frank came to us perfectly healthy and blended with our family from day one. The experience with A&J's We Love Our Pups was exceptional in every aspect. From the very beginning Jamie kept us up to date on our pup's progress with texts and photos and was always there when we had questions. We can't say enough about the whole experience. If and when we decide to adopt another puppy we will undoubtedly return to A&J's We Love Our Pups.

Wayne and Evelyn Abernathy



Thank you so much for the wonderful addition to our family. Our little puppy has already brought so much joy to our home in only one week.

This was our first time working with a breeder and loved that you had a wonderful reputation as a Georgia State Licensed breeder. Everything about our experience was wonderful. We found the payment process was very easy and making an appointment to choose our puppy very well organized as well. What we were most impressed with was the cleanliness of the facilities and the health of the parent dogs. As previous dog owners, we know how important their environment is to overall well being. After looking at a few other breeders, we knew that A&Js was the place for us. The others didn't even compare to the facilities at A&Js. The dogs looked happy and healthy.

In addition to the great health and well being of the dogs and the clean environment, we found that the customer service was top notch. We received pictures of our new puppy as she grew, updates on her vet visits, and a complete puppy packet on how to care for our new addition.

Working with A&Js was the most wonderful experience and we will definitely recommend them to our friends and family looking for a great Cockapoo to join their family.



We LOVED our experience with you! The pictures of your dogs online definitelly don't give them the justice that they deserve. They are so beautiful and well groomed. They have the prettiest, softest coats! One of my favorite things is that we got to come visit him so many times before we were able to take him home. I feel like it really helped him bond with us and know who we were before we picked him up to take him home. Schrute is transitioning so well in his new home! The first thing he did when we got home was go to his kennel and nap for an hour and a half. While I was slightly disappointed that he didn't instantly want to play with me, it created an immediate comfort and security for him in the kennel. He has slept all through the night every night since we picked him up and never wines unless he needs to be let out to use the bathroom.

It is especially great with our schedules since we both work full-time jobs and he has to be kennel for a lot of the day. I am able to come home for lunches and play and let him out, but he has not had one bathroom accident while in the kennel! There are normal puppy challenges, such as chewing and just general adjusting to life with a little fury baby who wants your constant attention, but he will grow out of those things. We LOVE him so much and are so glad we used A&J's! You were very easy to work with and great about sending picture updates on his progress and growth. I would, and will, highly recommend you to my friends and family!




Puppy - Mocha is doing WONDERFUL! We are in love! The experience was great.

Dr. Scherer & Family



Our family is in love with Ladybelle.  Thank you so much for the follow up email with the picture.  We were so impressed with the whole process of getting our puppy.  Your facilities and your home are so nice.  It was great getting to meet our puppy's mommy and daddy.  We especially liked you sending home the transition blanket and the great information on potty training and crate training.  We would highly recommend A&J's to anyone looking for a puppy!  Thanks again.




I cannot tell you how in love we are with our new family member, Fuego. He is so smart and so loving and the perfect addition to our family. Admittedly I was very nervous about bringing a new puppy home… Worried about sleepless nights, potty mistakes, etc. Needless to say, he has exceeded all of my expectations! Crate training has been so easy and he has been sleeping through the night for two weeks!
My kids, my husband and I are all in love. Thank you so much for giving us so much joy!

Flynn Chappell




My husband and I can not stop talking about how wonderful this whole process has been. We are first time pet owners and were very nervous. I have been researching for 2 years and found you, what a blessing!

The pricing was perfect all the other breeders were twice as much plus most charged extra for the shipping. We were thrilled that we could drive to you and you also allowed us to visit Ella when she was about 4 weeks, so beautiful. My son couldn’t believe it, when we arrived at your home, that we actually were going to have a puppy!

I was so impressed at how clean your home is with everything! It was spotless, one would never know how many dogs and puppies you have. You and your team are awesome, loved the uniforms as well, very professional:)

I want to say Thank you so much for a wonderful little girl! She is so sweet and most important so smart. She slept in her crate all night the first night we brought her home, Amazing! The transition blanket was wonderful, that you recommended for us.

She already does great with potty training as well, no accidents in the crate, again amazing! We have friends with dogs and have been told so much information. We were overwhelmed, however, you have made this a breeze. Even the vet was impressed, she said we are very lucky to have such a good puppy!

You have also been wonderful getting back to me with any questions we have, this has helped tremendously being first timers.

We are truly blessed that you came into our lives to give us Ella Thank you from the bottom our hearts!!

Sincerely - Priti, Sudhir and Jaiden



We love our new cockapoo named Hazel – aka Hazey Bear! She is absolutely gorgeous with unusual blue/green eyes. After tons of research we determined that AJs Love Our Pups is first-rate for cockapoos. Jamie has been a blessing to deal with. She obviously loves her puppies and they are being raised in a very clean, calm environment. I believe that’s why our Hazel is so calm and sweet. She is also very smart, especially when it comes to potty training. Jamie already had her using potty pads and going outside so Hazel is really doing great!

Thanks Jamie for our new puppy – she is adorable and we already love her so much.

Pitts Family – Ringgold, GA




"As new dog owners, we consider ourselves blessed to have had A&J's guide us through the process. They went above and beyond to make our journey a pleasant experience. From the moment we inquired about a puppy until the day we met Bentley, A&J's has been professional, nurturing, and willing to provide anything necessary to make Bentley's transition into our home smooth. He has been nothing but JOY since he arrived and we are thankful to Jamie and her staff for properly preparing him to become a member of our family."

The Mahones



A&J’s exceeded our expectations! We had the absolute best experience we could ask for. When the puppies were 3 weeks old, we had the difficult decision of choosing a puppy from the litter. They were all so sweet and perfect but we fell in love with our little boy Talbott and knew he was the one. About 5 weeks later, we brought him home! We were sent home with everything we needed. The entire packet of information, a transition clothe that had been put with Talbott's mommy and even some potty pads and food made the transition easier. A&J’s thought of everything! We are so in love with our little boy! He brings us so much joy! Thank you A&J’s!!!



This was our first experience with a breeder and we spent a lot of time finding the best one! My fear was buying from a breeder with too many animals to be able to treat them as part of their family. A&J's was a small, responsible breeder with a very loving environment, exactly what we were looking for. Arya has the cutest personality, very playful and very smart. She loves all the attention and affection we can give her. So excited to raise our little pup! Thanks for everything, Jamie.

Jaime & Brandon



We are very happy with the entire process of purchasing our little pup from your litter. You made everything clear and answered all my questions in a timely manner which just doesn't happen these days. Our little "Joey" has been a true pleasure. I was so impressed with the environment you have for your dogs. They have their own little suite downstairs and are obviously very happy there. Joey had very little anxiety the first night. He only made noises when he needed to go potty and he's been using the little patio potty I purchased perfectly! This puppy is so smart he seemed to know exactly what I wanted him to do when I took him out there to go potty. As soon as we picked him up from you he was relaxed with us. I've seen several puppies just get so nervous and shaky around people but your puppies have been well socialized. I also liked that none of the dogs barked when we first arrived! It was very welcoming. We have gotten so many compliments on how Joey is adorable, smart and mild mannered. Our expectations have been exceeded thus far!

Thanks for everything...we are very pleased!



Thank you so much for CoCoa! She is in her new loving home. She is just doing amazing and potty training great too. We are all smitten by her.



Our little Piper is doing well! She is a sweet, perky little pup and growing so fast! She loves my two boys and they love her to pieces. We are so happy to have Piper as a part of our family. The whole process of picking out our pup and bringing her home was smooth and wonderful, thanks to you, Mrs. Jamie. We could tell from the first visit you take care of your pups in a clean and caring environment. Thank you for all your help through the entire process. We are so glad we chose A&Js LoveOurPups!


Melanie Fowler



Abbie Rose


We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with you and A&J LoveOurPups!

Although this was our second Cockapoo purchase, it was our first experience with A&J's and we found the home environment to be very loving, warm and friendly. We were very impressed with the overall care of the dogs. We enjoy the Cockapoo breed for their size, temperament and non-shedding coat. This breed just seems to fit with our family.

We appreciate all you did to make our adoption a smooth process and we have already recommended you to others!




We loved our experience adopting our Cockapoo from A&J’s. After searching for a long time, we were so happy to find Jamie and just loved her puppies. The entire experience was absolutely perfect. Jamie answered all our questions and also let us see the Mom and Dad. The Cockapoo Puppies were clean, happy, and very healthy. We adopted Bo at 8 weeks and he is now thriving in our home. We would recommend A&J’s Love Our Pups to anyone interested.



A giant thank you for bringing "Cooper" into our lives. He has only been home since Saturday, but the entire family is over the moon in love with him!

I was expecting multiple sleepless nights, but thanks to you already transitioning him to a crate, he doesn't even whine at night! He woke us once the first night and since then has slept till at least 5 or 6.

As you know, I searched hard to a responsible breeder that I could feel good about supporting. The fact that the parent dogs are your pets, living in your (very clean) home meant so much to me. Our puppy was
kept in your home, and even off your bedroom at night, so changing to our home wasn't a shock to him.

When we came out to meet the puppies you didn't rush us at all. I think my kids could have stayed all day, and you just might have let us! When we came back on adoption day, our packet was so well
organized and informative, knowing I could go back to you with questions eased my own anxieties. And the homemade popcorn was delish
Much Thanks!!

The Stemple Family

 Nyla & Neko


When we first started looking for a cockapoo puppy, we looled at puppies on the websites of more expensive breeders in the Georgia area. We were initially attracted to A&J's website because it appeared to be much more personable, and the prices were definitely more reasonable, and there was a lot of information about the adult doges and their puppies. When we arrived at A&J's , we were extremely impressed by the clean, warm, home environment in which A&J's was birthing and caring for its adult dogs as well as the puppies.

This certainly eased any anxiety we had about purchasing a puppy from a breeder because we knew our puppies were born and cared for the same type of family home environment we were going to provide. Jamie, A&J’S breeder, was very professional and courteous while showing us the puppies that were available, their mom and dad, and the living areas of all the dogs. All the adult dogs and puppies were just as beautiful, happy, and well groomed as they appeared on the website and they were all being raised by the breeder as part of the family. It was a hard decision, but we selected a little girl puppy, who we named Nyla. We were provided us with a great deal of information about how to care for Nyla, including a list of supplies to purchase and a daily schedule to follow.

After following the instructions from A&J’s and, also attributable to the fact that Nyla was already used to being in a home environment, she adjusted very well on her very first night with us. As a matter of fact, we were so impressed and at ease with getting a puppy from A&J’S that we went back the next day and got a second puppy, a little boy, who we named Neko. As instructed by A&J’S, we took Nyla and Neko to the veterinarian for a check-up within 72 hours. Nyla and Neko are both healthy and happy puppies and have immediately adjusted to our family and being in our home. Having puppies is a big responsibility, but getting Nyla and Neko a highly reputable breeder such as A&J’S, has given us a good head start. Thanks so much A&J’S!
Thanks again!